LPG Service and Conversion

At AutoTest Service Centre, we specialise in LPG servicing and conversions. Based in Eltham, we provide specialist LPG service, conversions and repairs across Melbourne’s north-east including Research, Montmorency, Greensborough, Templestowe.

We are an AFSACS (Alternative Fuel Systems Assessment and Certification Scheme) registered and accredited LPG installer and repairer. We have carried out thousands of LPG conversions for satisfied customers all over the north-east of Melbourne.

Benefits of LPG Conversion

An LPG conversion is a great way to save money on fuel costs and to reduce your carbon footprint. LPG conversions offer a range of benefits including:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Extended engine life
  • Smoother and quieter running

An LPG conversion requires the installation of an additional independent fuel system into your vehicle. Once installed, your vehicle will be able to run on either LPG or petrol.

LPG Service and Repairs

If you already run an LPG-converted vehicle, AutoTest Service Centre can provide all necessary LPG service and repairs. Our specialist services include LPG system tuning, LPG system fault-finding, tank compliance testing, and more.

Contact Us Today

Whether you’re looking for an LPG conversion or LPG service and repairs for an already converted vehicle, AutoTest Service Centre can help. We provide expert LPG services across Melbourne’s north-east including Eltham, Research, Montmorency, Greensborough, Templestowe and more. Give us a call today on (03) 9431 0500 or contact us online for a quote or to book a service.

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